I want my outdoor cameras to wake me up if a person appears?

Hi, I would like for my outdoor cameras to alert me if a person appears after a certain time. The only problem is I’m not sure how to do this without having my phone buzzing for all the other app alerts that I usually mute at night. Does anyone know how I could set this up? Is there a way to make just an exception for the wyze app, or somehow have it set off an alarm on my phone? I have a Google pixel

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So… Partial answer here.

Partial in that I am only able to tell you about the Wyze app capabilities, and not something someone has done on the Android OS, like make specific notifications sound a loud alarm to wake you up or something. I am an iOS user.

If you want to restrict the Outdoor Camera to only Person Detection, then do so (Cam Plus or Lite required), and set “Notifications > Detects Any Other Motion” to no.

Then it is only a matter of turning on notifications at night via a rule. But since you are interested at night, I assume you also are during the day? In that case it is just a matter of not turning off notifications for those cameras at night.

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I purchased a amazon show
It will anounce
“Person Detected In Back Yard”
You need to just “enable wyze” on the device
Works on…
Show 5
Show 8
Show 15

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