I Think I Know The Answer, But Am Hoping I'm Wrong

So hooray for me, I’ve recently purchased and installed a new WiFi based automation device for my home. I had been struggling to get it connected to my network with it failing every time for some unknown reason. So I was forced to undertake a troubleshooting technique which I rarely use for any kind of machine or application trouble, and read the owners manual.

I didn’t like what I learned though, as it showed me that this new device had been designed by a “Bush League” team of designers. The device wouldn’t pair because my WiFi network name wasn’t complying with the limitations that had been “baked into” the software running this device. The device would only connect to networks which names were made up of letters and numbers, and couldn’t handle any special characters. Mine had multiple special characters because why not?

Further, the devices had to be on the same network that all my other devices were because of cross-connectivity requirements dictated as such. So propping up a guest network with a compliant name wasn’t an option either. If only the developers had been able to write this software using something other than a Commadore 64, which is obviously why they couldn’t do better, we wouldn’t be in this situation, and yes, WE are in this together!

Let me just say this, that can make automation for nearly anything you would want and build robots to clean my house, mop my floors, and mow my lawn. It seems like the next step in the evolution of this process would be someone developing a robot whose sole purpose for existing was to update a person’s entire home automation system to a new Wifi router network name and password.

It’s like being in one of those dreams that aren’t necessarily nightmares, but are in no way good dreams either. In this dream, every time I finish updating a device in my home and can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I suddenly realize that there were two additional devices that I had forgotten to add to the list…

Now, this isn’t the first be I’ve changed the router for a heavily populated network. In the past I would simply

So with that, I already know the answer to my first question, but I am as susceptible to making bad assumptions as the next guy, and hope this is one of those times.

  1. Is there an easy way to update all of the Wyze cameras on my network with a new WiFi router name and password?

1a. If not, an I going to need to reset and go through the entire initial configuration for each camera, one by one, and all the “hold phone up with QR code so camera sees it” stuff?

1b. If the answer to question 1a is by chance “yup”, will I be required to go through the installation and configuration process for every one of my Wyze Sense components?

(please say no please say no please say no please say no please say no please say no)

Thanks, and have a great day!!!


  1. Yes

1a. Almost. You don’t need to first delete the existing cameras already registered in the app. Leave each cam in the list of devices. But you do need to press little button, hold phone up to QR code, rinse/repeat/curse…

1b. Don’t know.

Thank you, I shall report back after I execute the operation to spread what I have found to all those who shall listen! Good Day, sir…