Robot Vacuum - Change SSID

I recently updated my wireless when we moved and when I did so I make a bonehead move…created the new SSID as “skynet” instead of “Skynet” so it has confused a few of my devices. I already have about 30 new smart home devices connected (mainly smart switches) that I don’t want to reprogram. My robot vacuum is on the old SSID, so I plugged in my old wireless to bring it to life, but don’t see a way to update the network info. Is it not possible without resetting the entire thing? Factory resetting will clear my mapping/schedules and everything, correct?

Can you re-add it without deleting it from the app? That might just update the network info on the servers (I haven’t tested this).


Can you change the SSID and password of your new WiFi to match the SSID and PW of the old WiFi? If you can, that is the best as your devices will just magically connect.

As mentioned, I already added about 30 new devices to the new SSID, so that would involve changing all those instead. Not a good trade off haha. I can totally reset the vacuum if I have to, just didn’t want to do that and remap the house if I didn’t have to.

Oh sheesh, that worked!!! When you hold the power and home button it just resets the network only and you can reset, but saves all the device info and map! Nice!! Thanks!!

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Excellent! Thanks for the update! :slight_smile: