I’m getting more and more disappointed

I have been with Wyze since almost the beginning … I have always been supportive and loved everything about them … that means if I found a better group of smart home systems I would always buy Wyze products or even wait until Wyze made a product I wanted of course. An example would be the smart lock …I have wanted A device similar to this forever… would I ever buy one from another brand other than Wyze … not at the moment but times are apparently changing. Is it just me or is Wyze getting money Hungry. I am getting pissed at the fact they feel we need to pay a monthly fee for complete motion tagging and recording. What good even is the 12 seconds… Wyze this is a question and a statement. Change is always inevitable…Are you guys going to change for your community’s benefit, or are you going to change for yours…
-Devin Pethick

I guess I don’t really understand that mentality. If you’ve been with Wyze since the beginning, you know that they’ve added tons of free features to the camera since you bought it. Now you’re upset because they’ve launched an optional premium service? The camera still works exactly as it always did. You’d have been happier if the upgrade wasn’t even an option?

Cloud storage costs them money. Their profit margins are already lower than their competitors, but they give you a certain amount of free storage when you buy the camera. It’s necessary for them to limit it, in order to control their costs. You only pay for the camera once, but cloud storage is an ongoing cost for them.

Since tons of customers begged them to offer a cloud option without limits, they finally obliged. The monthly price is half of what Ring charges, (Ring has NO free tier, by the way) despite the fact that Ring’s actual costs for cloud storage are probably half what Wyze pays, since Ring’s parent company owns the infrastructure. (The same one Wyze pays to use, in fact.)


Don’t forget that you have, and always have had, the option to add an SD card and record events or continuous recording for free. (Other than the cost of the card).

So if the 12 second limit and the 5 minute cool down or the Complete Motion Capture is not something that interests you or that you want to participate in then by all means use the free option.