Pay services? Really?!?

I knew it was too good to be true. It was just a matter of time before they would get a bit greedy and start charging for services. Rec longer then 12 secs should be a free service. This could possible be the beginning of the end. This is the type of thing that will cause people to leave WYZE. Very disappointed.

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The only reason they are trying to implement any kind of paid program is because so many users asked for it including me


I’d probably understand your point had they eliminated the free service that they promised. They didn’t.

The free 12-sec/2-week storage you got was factored in as part of the orig $19.99 selling price. You still have it. What’s wrong with offering extra, paid services? You aren’t being forced to pay extra. You don’t want it, don’t get it. This is still a capitalist country after all.

There’s no free lunch.


People have wanted the extra paid services that is why they are doing it, the free option will not change and will keep working. They are just adding extra for people who were willing to pay since what they are doing will undoubtedly raise server costs.

You will also still be able to record longer than 12 second to an SD card like now, recording longer than 12 seconds to the cloud is something they have never done for free and at their prices cant afford to do with out it being a paid service. Bottom line though, it is optional and the cams will still work for free they way they do now.


Optional services will create revenue that enables new product development and enhancing support services.


Just out of curiosity what changed for you? The 12 second with 5 minute cool down free cloud storage for two weeks is still there. Recording either events or continuous to SD card is still there, free other than the cost of the SD card.

Wyze added a new service they are going to charge for but they removed nothing you already had so how is this the “beginning of the end“ for you? They have constantly added things without charging like Person Detection.


With an SD card you can record longer than twelve seconds.

The notification twelve+ seconds is useful, but isn’t something they should feel obligated to rollout for free. I honestly don’t think they’ll ask too much for the service. They are a great company and their products are awesome.


Do you really think they can offer unlimited cloud recording for free? If they did that, THAT would be the beginning of the end for them, because they would hemorrhage money. There’s a reason that you literally won’t find a single product on the market that offers unlimited cloud recording for free.

Why is it better in your mind for them not to offer any premium paid services? Were you under some false impression that Wyze was a charitable organization? It’s a business. You’d prefer that they handicap their products instead of offering optional paid services? Why is that better?


PREACH!!! Some people are never happy and always think they are entitled to everything at no cost.

I dont worry about the free 12 sec events. but Play Back function fail is just bad for business.
I am new to WYZE but I doubted I would to recommend to my frienfs.

Hahaha jokes on you! Now a short while later…there is nothing free. Everyone has to pay a monthly fee now to continue using the product we purchased as a monitor free, Sd card recording, no monthly fee device!!! Don’t you feel gullible to these too big for their britches greedy [mod edit]?!?

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This feature is still there. You can still record to the SD Card and look at playback. The image / Thumbnail is only being provided for those who did not sign-up for any CamPlus subscriptions and those users can opt-in to Cam Plus Lite whenever they choose at no cost.