I just tried installing the Home Security System and I cant finish because I am in Mexico


I purchased your Home Security System, and it turns out I cant use it in my country?!

At setup it keeps asking for a US address and US phone!
why? it is supposed to tell ME about security issues, I don´t need it to “call my local police”, so why wont you allow it to be used in other countries?

is there a way to skip this part of so that i cant configure the remaining 9 Monitoring Setup steps?

I was about to purchase more sensors

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The sad truth is you won’t be able to install this as a security system. You can install the hub and sensors for automation but nothing else. The home monitoring service is only available in the U.S.


The home monitoring is a security system, so it calls the police when the alarm goes off after noonlight, a us only partner, checks with you. Some users have been able to work around this, but it’s not supported.

Canada is supported too now.