I give up on making these work reliably

After nearly a year of struggling with these devices (all of them), I finally packed it in and bought an alternative brand. Suggestions to recover lost connections, like installing a smart outlet to power cycle cameras, were just ridiculous. I guess it is just lost on folks that when you buy a “security” system, you are often off-site when it is needed. In my case by 200 miles or more. Having to install more devices to make up for the shortcomings of the original products completely undermines the value proposition. In the end, more reliable hardware is cheaper given the various costs involved and time lost. I have a version of the new system in another location, where, after 2 years it has not failed, not once. Also the batteries have lasted for the same period of time without needing replacement. So it was a no-brainer to replace Wyze cameras with that. Since I will not inflict these on anyone, they are going in the trash. For those who have reliable cameras, and product fanboys and apologists, good luck to you. Some of you are using them as toys. Others are folks with nothing better to do and take on these intermediary roles between the company and the clients that is deceptive as it doesn’t really accomplish anything. Anyway they are in the trash, and I feel a lot better.

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Do you mind sharing the brand you chose as a replacement?

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You’re probably just not skilled enough to make them work. :wink:

For many people, they’re almost plug, play and forget. For others, not so much.

My best, old advice, fwiw:


So after setting up three other brands (including commercial systems) with no issues, along with building PC’s for commercial use and setting up a multi million dollar grant submission system online… I know when something is just not up to standard. This defines “low end”.

Bona fides :+1:

But why demean folks on your way out?

Just generally pissed at having wasted your time?

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If you want to recover some of your cost you might offer to sell them to others on the forum. Even though they don’t work for you, others might appreciate being able to purchase them for a reasonable price.