I can't use person detection not available in rules with camplus lite

The selling point of cam plus lite was retaining person detection for that camera. If I can’t use person detection within rules, then I don’t really have person detection. I am using rules to activate my security lights via Wyze switch to illuminate my garage/driveway/back of house area. I can use person detection directly in the camera to limit notifications to people, so it should follow that I can limit that same camera to only trigger the lights for a person detection. I didn’t realize that Lite only conditionally gives you person detection.

perhaps I missed something, but when I choose person detection in rules I am directed to the subscription page.

On a related point, I was surprised to find that Doorbell pro doesn’t work with 'Lite" at all.

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Yep. You are right. First I have seen of this, but they have definitely restricted the use of Person Detection as a rule trigger and made all AI triggers plus only. This isn’t a bug or oversight, it is clearly defined on the app rule trigger UI.


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It used to be a legacy plan feature before CPL. Anyone that had person detection as a trigger under a legacy plan now has broken rules/triggers under CPL (note that legacy plans didn’t include Cam v3):


It might be time to bring that error up again in the next fix-it Friday. It got a lot of votes when you posted it before, actually it got the highest amount of votes for an actual bug that week…but it got beat out by the landscape feature request instead that week, otherwise, it would’ve won…it should’ve won (since it was a bug and the other was technically a feature request/wishlist), but Wyze decided to address the Landscape feature request that time since it kept coming up every week. I think if someone posts this bug again next time in one of the platforms (or more than one) it would probably win and get a public response on what is going on with it and why the rule triggers were all broken from the legacy person detection that they were working fine with before.


Sounds good - I’m new to Wyze and the forum, what is fix it Friday ?

On the first Friday of every month (usually mid to late afternoon), they will create a new thread called Fix it friday where we can all report bugs we’d like them to address and people will hit “like” on the ones they agree are a bug they’d like addressed with a public response. Then throughout the rest of the month they’ll give some updates on these things they’re working on until the next Fix it Friday when we can submit for more things we’d like them to consider. So the next one should be May 6th.


Here is this months post. The first few lines outline what the fix-it friday posts are for.


Great! Thanks…


Posted this back in February:


Drop a vote here if you want this addressed:

(vote = click the link and ‘like’ the comment that appears :slight_smile: )


Thanks for the reminder, I just liked it!

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Currently neck and neck with @R.Good’s Alexa Routines fail (bolstered by TWO support tickets! :wink: )

What ever happened with this?

Hey pdo…


Latest beta has the option (2.32.0 (b7)):

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Do you still have this option, WildBill? I’m on 2.36.0 (b3) and I still don’t have the cam plus lite option in rules.

Yes. Still an option:

Bummer…I’ve undone my CamPlus Lite subscription and re-done it multiple times and still nothing.