I bought the Battery Cam Pro after asking if it would work without wi-fi

I bought the Battery Cam Pro after asking if it would work without wi-fi so I could monitor my garden to scare deer out. I thought, oh boy! I’ll have green beans to can this year! Well, I paid for the license and a years worth of viewing but this camera doesn’t work in my garden at all! Remains OFFLINE and I’ve tried everything and still nothing. Why did you sell me a camera from your online site and tell me this is what I need when apparently you have known it has problems working at all… I want all my money back and I’d like to return this entire set of non working stuff in a box! How do I do this? Aggravated!


How would it work without wifi ? It states the camera is Wire Free(You do not have to plug it in) not wifi free.
If you are on this forum or the WYZE web site click on Support top right of the forum page, go down to the bottom of the page and click request return.

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Antonius, I explained what I needed to the “can I help you” man on the site, and he told me, indeed it would work without wi-fi in my garden to help scare deer away…you DO need wi-fi to set up the camera, but he said it would work and it doesn’t. I’m old, I’m stupid, but I asked questions, and watched videos about setting my camera up and followed instructions. I was told the Solar panel battery cam pro was the way to go for remote, no power, no wi-fi observation.

Sorry but what you were told was only 50% correct. The camera does not need a power cord to power it, you can use just the batteries or the solar panel with batteries to keep them charged up.You still need to have wifi to connect to the camera, have it record and save all the events so you can view on the yearly plan (Cam Plus) you paid for. I have V3 and V4 cameras the are required to be plugged in and they will record to the MicroSD card in the camera if it loses wifi.

Pardon my ignorance, but how is the camera going to scare the deer away?

The deer is scared of flashing red light. :grin:

The camera is equipped with a Siren, lights, and the ability to talk to the deer, or yell at them…

I see. So in order for you to be able to see the deer and start yelling the signal/footage needs to reach your phone or tablet. The only way to do that is either wi-fi or cell signal. As @Antonius suggested go in the Support section and start a return ticket.