I Barked into the Bird Feeder Cam

I wanted to shoo away the Grackle at the bird feeder, so I barked into the mic. And then my daughter’s dog barked too, haha. I’m dog sitting, so she was sitting next to me when I did it. She thought another dog was outside. I cant believe i actually spunded like a dog :rofl:.


Good doggy. Too funny! :joy: :laughing:


Interesting (both sound and pic) in slo-mo… :slight_smile:


Haha yeah.:laughing:

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A woman of many talents aka Dr. Doolittle

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That litle birdy was headed straight to therapy in a hurry! After a brief stop by the nest to change pants​:joy::rofl:

Bahaha. Sometimes, it works for the cats as well.

I had a sparrow trying to make a nest in a bluebird house last year. I turned the v3 siren on and it didn’t faze the bird. You know how loud the siren is. Imagine that in a birdhouse.

Yeah, that’s crazy. I have used the siren a few times, and it worked, but later, they didn’t care.