I am unable to read Micro SD card on my desktop

I pulled my Micro SD card to see if I could view the video on my pc. The Card is not readable by my pc. The card came with the camera and only wants to work correctly while it is inserted in the camera. Does Wyze do something to the card to prevent me from viewing the files on my pc?


Does the card work and is recognize properly while in the camera?

The Card works fine so long as it is in the camera. I am starting to think that the problem is the adapter in my pc that takes a micro sd and makes it a regular sd card because it did work one time.

My videos are next to impossible to scan using the Wyze app on my phone. I pulled the sd card and inserted it into my desktop. I get the error message that says I need to insert a card into G; The SD card came with the Wyze camera. Does Wyze do something to the card that makes it hard for my pc to read it?

Hi… I’m new to this stuff and haven’t even been able to get to that part but I was informed by the sales guy at the store where I purchased my V3 cam, that I would be able to view the video footage on the micro sd card by using an adapter for the computer. Which, was one of the reasons why I chose to purchase this product.

I can’t answer your question directly, I haven’t even purchased an adapter yet, but I just got this info from some other post that I had read:
wyze support - By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support


Same answer as the first time you asked it above.

You’ve already diagnosed your problem. There is something wrong with your card reader. Try another. The adapters are more or less free.

thank you

When reporting problems with Micro SD cards please take the time to tell us brand, size etc.

IF it’s a Wyze brand 32GB try formatting it in the PC using a good SD card formatter. I use SD card Formatter 5.0.1 by Tuxera which had been posted on this board.

Thanks, will do. I got it now. Micro Center sold me a cheap adapter with a 32GB card to use for swapping out. Just waiting in the extender cable to come from Walmart.

I have a similar problem. I recorded an event to a 128GB Sandisk extreme card formatted In the camera. When I tried to read the SD card on my computer there was no issue and the event footage was viewable. I then put the card back into cameras and deleted the event in the camera via the iOS app. I then did a continuous recording and when I again tried to read the same card with the computer, I got the message that the card was unreadable. Neither Mac OS or windows 10 can read the card but the footage can still be viewed in the Wyze 3 camera. I have used various card readers and I get the same error message of not being able to read the card anymore. I will try to replicate the problem with another card but it seems that there is a Wyze software issue.

The fact that there is no easy way to save continuously recorded footage easily is ridiculous. I have a 3 hour continuous recording and having to re-record it for 3 hours in camera to create an event makes no sense.

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Was wondering if you were still having this problem or if it stopped with or without you’re doing something to fix it. Thanks. We just started having this problem