I am unable to filter events using the checkboxes

Clicking on the checkbox does nothing so I cannot filter. I understand this is a known problem but it has been broken for quite some time. When will it be fixed? The are so many motion events with leaves moving, shadows etc that without filters the app is unmanageable. I can’t look through hundreds of events to find a meaningful one.

What version of the Android App are you running?

I am running v. on an Android 11 Moto G and cannot duplicate this issue.

android 8 same wyze version

:thinking: Interesting. I am wondering if this is an incompatibility bug with Android 8 or is the Filter Selection page bug you are experiencing is only on isolated accounts.

There is currently a Beta App in the final testing Release Candidate phase. As soon as that releases, you may find that it fixes the issue. Alternatively, if you join the Beta Testers, you can update to that version today.

It’s working properly for me under Android 8 phones and tablets, but I’m running beta. I’ll check the production Android app under Android 8 later this evening if it helps.

It would be helpful to know what cam types are being used and cam firmware version(s) as the issue may be related to firmware or combination of firmware and app versions. Or even phone model.

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I’m on a Cat S48c running v3’s and OG’s


I have no CAT phones… only Samsung, Motorola and HTC still running Android 8. But I’ll check those later this evening. Will you plz post your v3 and OG firmware versions?

v3= OG=1.0.59

I tried to reproduce your issue under Android 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 phones and tablets running same app and firmware versions as yours. No success reproducing. Will you please post some screenshots of the page(s) where you are unable to select any checkboxes? I’d like to verify that I am checking the same page as you.

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