Hybrid Color Night Vision

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum, a few weeks ago I switched from ring cameras to wyze, a ring feature that I miss in my wyze cameras is the color at night, Ring implements a hybrid in which the zones that have enough light are recorded in color, but the dark areas are recorded in black and white with infrared light, all in the same video, with the wyze cameras or all the video are in color or with IR B&W, but not hybrid, I don’t know if I create the request correctly but it would be great if wyze implements this functionality.

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I feel your description is done well. Basically what you are asking for is to allow for IR or Color Night Vision (Starlight) based on each of the waypoints or based on how dark the area is as the camera is panning.

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Thanks a lot, I don’t speak English so it’s difficult for me to explain, so sorry for my bad English but the feature that I ask its hybrid Night color based on light areas, like this photo where you can see color on sky and house walls but B&W person because the person it’s in a darker area:


For not speaking English, you did a great job. Thanks for the image, it will help others


Interesting idea, but may not be possible since the Wyze cameras mechanically insert an IR filter when operating in daytime mode.

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I think that Ring cameras makes the same, I suspect that they use AI in the cloud to add color to night videos where they managed to capture enough light, but I’m not sure how they do it.