HW Decoder, Running in Background

What exactly are these?:
Account → App Info → Enable Hardware Decoder
Account → App Info → Running in the background

I run the app on a Motorola E5 Play phone and Apple iPad and iPod.

Should I enable the hardware decoder? Will that speed things up at all?

As for running in the background, isn’t it always doing that unless you force-stop or have it up on the screen?

I just noticed the iPad and iPod don’t have those options, only the Android phone has them.

Run in background does not really need to be set. It is intended to ensure you get notifications as in the past there were issues and on Android you could do special things to assist in it.

HW decoder relies on your hardware to decide the stream. Mine is off as it does take more resources from your phone and did not really speed things up.

Both of these were only available on Android as iOS handles streams differently.

So in my experience, I would leave them off unless you are trying to fix something.

If you are having issues with notifications, Android phone providers have set limits on how many notirocations you will get before it starts its own process of cleanup and moving notifications. For me, the best the to set or allow is to set UnReatricted on the battery permissions for the Wyze App.

I have also set UnReatricted data usage for WiFi. I get notifications within 3 seconds. At times, it takes 5 seconds or son did some exhaustive testing.


As @spamoni4 mentioned, the Running in the Background is a legacy setting. But, it will introduce a persistent notification on Android that will give you visual confirmation that the app is running in the background:

I have found using the Hardware Decoder very useful to shift the video processing to my device so that streams play smooth, especially w\ the V3Pro.

Here is an explanation and video from Gwendolyn in the Knowledge Articles:


Glad you could provide the actual video. Hardware decoder works well, but you device has to be powerful enough to use it efficiently. At least, that has been my experience.

I tested with a cheap lower spec model Device and it was not as good as my Pixel devices


How does one know if their devices is capable enough?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, and I have hardware decoder on

I’m having some issues with rules and notifications on some devices, so I am testing

The Hardware Decoder only applies to Video Processing and Rendering when viewing videos. It doesn’t affect rules or notifications.

Hardware decoding shifts all video processing from the software used by the App and Server to the Graphic Processing Unit of your mobile device. This affects video playback, Live Stream, Event videos, and manually recorded videos.

If you get stuttering, lagging, pixelated, jumpy video, it might help to test it with the decoder on.

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