Hulu p-Dev320?

Long time Hulu subscriber with relatively few network issues over time. Recently added two (2) Wyze v2 Cams (current firmware) and suddenly experiencing Hulu p-Dev320 disconnection errors. With both Cams unplugged, Hulu has returned to stable over a short test period.

Can’t confirm relationship but wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issues or can verify whether Hulu and Wyze on same network might be problematic under certain situations? General error is reported within Hulu community but no common cause identified.


I have Hulu, long time subscriber, have had no issues with my cams nor my Hulu. How are you connecting to Hulu? We use 2 Roku boxes, an xbox1, and multiple phones & tablets to access the Hulu app. Almost never use Hulu by going to the website on a pc.

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Hulu via iPad Air2 or Samsung S10e to 2nd gen Chromecast. Wyze Cams connected but sometimes turned “Off” via App. Hulu errors, issues stopped when Cams physically removed from network, listed in App as “Offline”. Still experimenting…

I have a Chromecast but I never use it. I have several ways to view Hulu without casting it & I have felt like Chromecast was a waste since the day I bought it. I don’t use Apple products, so I don’t know how an iPad would integrate and/or cause issues. Seems odd to me that any issues would be caused at all unless it is with your modem/router/internet service. Both are heavy bandwidth hogs, so it could be related to a slower upload/download rate your ISP is giving you. Check with them.

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Chromecast and DSL internet worked fine prior to Wyze Cams. Could be adding Cams pushed relatively slow ISP speeds to brink. Or perhaps extra demand on Hulu during pandemic caused issues.

Thanks for the feedback…

I have seen plenty of cases where you are paying for internet speed of X but the ISP suddenly starts throttling you and you don’t really know unless you do an internet speed test. You could be paying for a better speed than your ISP is giving you. I wouldn’t put it past an ISP to begin throttling customers because there are so many people at home using various streaming services these days.