How well does the noise cancelling headphones work on trains/subways?

The decibels on my train can get somewhat loud and I was wondering how well these headphones can hold up. Just wanted to see what others have to say about it as I intend to buy these headphones for commute and not in the office or indoors.

I wore mine on a plane recently and never realized just how planes were until I had them on for an hour or so then took them off.

These were my first pair of noise canceling headphones so I don’t have a comparison but I was very happy with the results.

They didn’t drown everything out but they definitely tuned a lot of it out.

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Thanks, the main attractions for these ones for me is the hand over the right ear for transparency mode and the overall wyze brand, but the ear cup looks a little smaller than other ANC headphones. I got a few questions:

Do you know if ANC works in wired mode with the aux cable plugged in? Or does it have to be wireless for it to work?

I don’t have data/internet, would I have to toggle the ANC on the headset itself? (since the app can’t be opened without an internet connection)