How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV

I have been asked a few times to put together a step by step how to on configuring TinyCam with Wyze.

Here it is

Feedback appreciated.

There many things you can do with TinyCam.

here are free and paid version that support 2-way audio, motion detection, video recording, web server, android wear, Google cast, Smart TV support, Widgets, Tasker automation and more.


Nice write up!


Has the notification issue/conflict been resolved with TinyCam and the Wyze App?

I cannot comment on that. I stopped using notifications as I got too many.

Thanks so much for your effort to make it easier for those of us who have had difficulty in setting this up!!

I do have a question though, My firmware is If I need the latest firmware, which I obviously dont have, How do I obtain the lastest? When ever I try to update the firmware it says it is up to date and that IS the latest! Thanks again!

I am on the Wyze (Beat) application on my phone. Maybe it is possible that certain firmware is available through beta???

More info on Beta


Again many thanks for your efforts… I was able to up date all 4 my cams to the latest (Beta) Software as well as the app software…

I still can not get tiny cam to show live video.

When I get into cam setting and change the camera name (Front View)
then change camera brand to Wyze labs, I get a message that says “Specify Username and password of your Wyze Cam login. Change channel if you have
multiple cameras. Host name/port ignored.” Below this message it shows the Host/ip address 192.168.X.X and below that web port number of 80. scrolling down further when I get to login in settings it only shows a Lock icon labeled password. No user name option is shown either above or below the password change option. So I just put in the password to the camera/Wyze account. I scroll further down to advance settings to “Other” where the channel # is and it shows 1 default 1. But this option is grey out. when I return to the previous menu I get a pop up message that states "cannot finder vendor Wyze Labs model TUTK in database. want to use default one? options are Yes or no. If I choose no it takes me to the manage cameras screen.

If I choose yes, it then takes me to the “mandatory settings” where I can change camera name, brand, model settings. BUT now the camera model fills in FOSCAM and model is generic. So I change the name again again from p2p xxxxxxxxxxxx to Front View. Camera brand from Foscam to Wyze labs and camera model from generic to Wyze cam.

Again i get the message about specifying user name and password. But this time There is a username option with “admin” as the default so I change it to my username now. and then re-input my password. I then go to the advanced settings where it now shows that I can change the channel. so I change it to 2 for my 2nd camera that I am setting up. i then go back out to Live view and I get an error P@P failed to connect by UID=null(-10) This error shows up when the IP address in the camera settings are shown. If I go in and remove the IP address, the error I get is the same!

I have tried toggling the stream on and off with no change after toggling. I have unplugged all cameras and tried setting up just one at a time but never getting past the failure of the first cam. I have uninstalled both the Tinycam pro app and reinstalling (version 9.2.1) I have also uninstalled the Wyze app and changing my password to the app with no luck. I just do get why this wont work! I am fairly proficient in setting tech up. I am not a novice . This make no sense as to why this Tinycam pro will not show my Wyze cams, but WILL SHOW with no configuration or intervention whatsover on my part, my Winbook pro Cams video streams. HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

I got the pro version and set it up with my three cameras. The biggest issue I had with the tinycam app setup was with my Wyzecam login name. My phone could tell I was entering it so I just tapped the keyboard suggestion. The problem was that there was a space I couldn’t see at the end of the login name. I kept getting an P2P couldn’t connect using UID=(hex string)[14]. Wouldn’t be nice if the cell phone world would put a dot for a space or a horizontal bracket ala 1960’s for a space.

I also discovered that if one of the cameras couldn’t connect P2P the other cameras would rarely connect.

I was surprised that the tinycam app would connect to the cameras away from my home network. I thought port forwarding was required. I guess not.

Thank you for the configuration instructions as it helped me quite a bit. That said I got everything setup per the instructions and am getting an error on both cameras (my firmware is up to date and channels are different).

Error: "P2P failed to connect by UID=null(-10)

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance




Wow! It will take me a quiet afternoon to try this out. Thanks for posting clear instructions.


For people that does not have an android device on hand, is there a way that we can use a RaspberryPi to configure a web interface for the wyze cam?

Can you get RasberryPi to run Android apps or Android OS (to run TinyCam) ? I have not heard of any other ways. Or, purchase a preowned Android device at

I have a tinycam Pro predicament on my Android TV!

I installed Tinycam Pro, then followed the procedure outlined by Chris to connect Wyzecam. It worked perfectly!!!

Then (stupidly) I deleted the cameras from Tinycam and now they will not work. I get P2P FAILED TO CONNECT BY UID=NULL (-10) everytime I follow the procedure outlined here. All of this happened within an hour this morning.

Since then, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Tinycam, and even factory reset my Android Tv (Channel Master Stream+) – all to no avail. I still get P2P FAILED TO CONNECT BY UID=NULL (-10).

I am using firmware – which worked with Tinycam Pro. By the way, Tinycam Pro works fine with Wyzecam on my phone (Google Pixel 2 xl).

Any ideas?

Does anyone use TinyCam Pro to record their video stream? I have two Wyze cameras that I want TinyCam Pro to record to my FTP server. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I find most of the time it records to the local storage. Anyone have success with TinyCam Pro and FTP recording? Anyone know of an Android tasker app that would transfer file via FTP every 5 to 10 minutes? Most apps that I found were every hour.

I tried setting up the free version and for the 4 cameras I have on my network, each show the same video feed. When I look in the details of each camera, they are pointing to separate IP addresses. Any idea what is happening?

I also get P2P failed to connect error. It was working fine before then it just stopped. Can someone from Wyzelabs comment on this issue?

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Questions like these are more appropriate for TinyCam who make that software. I have it installed and running quite smoothly. They did release an update in the last few days???

All IP settings are blank (default) here.

Have you opened MANAGE CAMERAS, tapped/clicked on each camera, taped/clicked EDIT, then scrolled to the bottom and tapped/clicked ADVANCED SETTINGS? Scroll down to CHANNEL #. Tap/click that entry and verify that each camera has been assigned a discrete channel # - 1, 2, 3, 4.

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Thanks. That worked perfectly! My have to try the pro version to get web server.

I have tinycam running on both my Android mobile phone and PC (the latter using emulation via Bluestacks).

So can I in any way set up tinycam to push notifications to me from my Wyzecams, as this function is not working properly at this time using the Wyzecam software (check out this problem noted herein in the forums)?

"So can I in any way set up tinycam to push notifications to me from my Wyzecams" See item 8.