How to retrieve long recordings from multiple cameras?


My Wyze V3 cams with onboard SD cards recorded a series of crimes on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately the perpetrators were moving between the coverage of 4 cameras over a series of 2 hours. I need to retrieve the two hours of video for all 4 cameras before they’re overwritten.

What is the best way to retrieve footage from 4 cameras from 10PM to midnight? I hope the only answer isn’t to pull the SD cards out because that would involve an extension ladder in the rain.


The only way to access continuous sd card recording is via the playback button on the live stream page. You can play it back and skip around, and record clips from it.

The cams store the video in a bunch of video files, 1 minute each. If you were to take the sd card out and put it into your computer, you would need a program to stitch all those 1 Min segments together.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to do this, but I think your best bet is going to be using the playback feature on the app, skip around using the 30 second buttons, and record anything you want on all cams. These recording clips will be saved to the album in the app, and you can download them to your phones photo album


First step, turn off SD recording! (To avoid possibility of overwriting.)

If it’s just 4 x 2 = 8 hours in total, do the playback as described above - make sure your device has sufficient storage to record it all. I don’t think you need to bother pre-editing on the phone. Once you have it stored you can move the resulting file to a computer for further review.

Also, if you can pull the SD cards then I’m told VLC will let you scroll through the videos as a single timeline, with no need to stitch anything together.