How to reset wifi password for WyzeCam Outdoor without Base Station

I brought my WyzeCam outdoor on camping and set it to travel mode, I left the base station at home as there is no power to plug for base station, the password for travel mode was set on the Wyze app on my phone, but lately I am planning to use my other phone too, i forgot the password for Wyzecam outdoor wifi but it is there just some asterisk so I decided to change it to new password then I disconnect and reconnect but it says wrong password, I’m sure I remember my new password but its not accepting, so now how can I reset the password like some kind of factory restore, without the need for base station?.

I think you need your Base to do a reset:

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The base station has power adaptor that need electrical outlet which is not available in the middle of forest which is why i did not brought it with me just only the WyzeCam outdoor, They should put some kind of way to reset wifi password of WyzeCam outdoor without the need of base station, or at least the base can be powered by USB cable not some kind of power adaptor.

It just read from here

That factory reset is not possible due to security, but for me what is valuable is the video inside the memory card, rather than sacrificing this feature, the WyzeCam outdoor is just $40 or less, locking the Camera to the account is already enough security as when somebody stole it they cannot use without the Wyze app logged to the owners’ account.

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Ok, I got home and connect this camera to base station and then reset the password but still I try to test travel mode I cannot connect to its wifi, then I tried the password without special character and now it works, so this means the password must be plain text, no special character, no number, this must be put on the label so user must be aware or it must warn if the user include number or special character.

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