How to reset camera too remove cloud icon when not at home?

My app is showing the cloud icon with strikethrough. I am not at home so I can’t plug/unplug or power cycle. How can I monitor my cameras icon

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Most IoT gadget veterans have experienced this. Internet devices loose WiFi signal and don’t get back onto the net for whatever reason. For the cams, since they are offline, they can’t be reset from within the app because the internet can’t get to them to give them that command.

One thing you can do to mitigate this when you are away is to install an economy Smart Plug and plug the cam into that. The chances of both going offline simultaniously is very low. I have them on every one of my many cams.

When a cam goes offline, I use my Google Home App to tap the smart plug off, wait a couple seconds, then tap it back on. This power cycles the cam and initiates a reboot wherein it gets a new network IP.

The absolute best decision I made to reduce the number of offline cams was to invest in a rock solid, super strength, heavy duty, high load WiFi Router. With great WiFi and long range signal, my cam drops reduced to nearly non-existent.


YES !!! And how many times have we said this again and again in the past couple of years?


Indeed. It’s like taking an umbrella on a cloudy day… An ounce of prevention… If you fail to plan… Well, one of those ought to fit.

But, new users and first time posters don’t have the luxury of forum familiarity and prior experience we have. That’s why we keep sharing ours. :hugs:

the odd thing is that I can see the camera on my app and can even record manually from the camera so it is online.

Your original post is tagged “Sensor Bug” and “Motion Sensor V1”.

What cam are you using and what is the version of the firmware installed?

Camera is WYZECAM V3 with firmware

That is the most up to date version for the cam, but that firmware has been pulled for event recording issues and has not been updated yet.

I am also on that firmware for all my V3 cams and don’t experience the issue. The offline cloud… but still able to connect is usually caused by a weak or congested WiFi network.

Make sure your App is up to date.

I used to have cams that did that. But, that was when I was using a 10 year old asthmatic WiFi Router. I updated it with a dead spider beast and the problem vaporized. Hasn’t been back since.

One of the issues with any of this IP Cam IoT is that they never tell you how much WiFi bandwith you will need per device. Wyze cams, to operate reliably, must have significantly robust WiFi. What quantifiable measurement that is remains a mystery. The best rule of thumb: Go Big or Stay Home. Room for expansion is not a bad thing.