How to remove thermostat

Just installed the thermostat, but didn’t screw in the wall plate, I wanted to check it works first, and it did. Now I want to remove it from the unit from the wall plate, but I don’t see any where to grab or put in something to pry it out. Must be a way I don’t see. Any one has removed it?

Just pull on it. You might need to press on the wall plate to keep it from pulling off the wall, as it’s not screwed down. Also, make sure the power is off when you do this, Most times when people blow a fuse on their furnace it’s from improperly placing the thermostat with the system powered.

Hi, The cradle where you attache the cables, is not coming off the unit, the cradle is where the leveler is. Also I want to know this for the future, if I ever need to disconnect the wires.

The cradle easily comes off the wall plate, but the is not what I want.

Thank you

The whole thing should separate just by pulling on it… grab the cradle with one hand and the thermostat with the other, and pull. Normally, the cradle is screwed to the wall, so you just have to grab the thermostat and pull.

Hi, I am not making myself clear.
I have added a picture. The nr. 1 is the unit and the nr.2 is the cradle. I didn’t screw the cradle or the wall plate to the wall, as I wanted to make sure it worked first. It is really hard to get a grip of nr.1 when it sits in nr.2.
To attach it I could just screw the wall plate to the wall, and then pop in the cradle, so that is not a big issue. The issue is if I want to remove this unit, and disconnect the cables. In that case, how do I remove the nr.1 from nr.2 without damage the parts?

Carefully pry apart. Go for it! :+1:t2:

stick your fingers in the hole of 2 and pull on 1 to separate them

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You cant do that if 2 is screwed directly to the wall

Right, then you just pull on the wyze and the screws hold the backing plate (2) to the wall. But this person stuck them together before they mounted them and wasn’t sure how to get them unstuck.

OK that makes more sense, yes in that case just pry it from the hole

Hi, I had the same problem and were able to pry the cradle out in the small screw driver. However, I could not get the wire released. I yanks on them while pushing down the levers but the wires are stuck. Did you have the same problem? How did you get the wires to release? Thanks.