How to remove sd card from camera?

Is there a button to push on the camera so the sd card pops out?

I’m not aware of a button. I use the tip of a sharp knife against the side of the SD card to gently pull it up far enough to grab it with my fingers. I do this from the side of the card where there is slightly more space than the other.

pool… Yes, the button is the card itself. Push the card further in until you hear a little click, the release. The card will eject. The end of a larger size paper clip works well for this. Or a fingernail. If you quickly pull the paperclip off or to the side when you hear the click, the card will eject forcefully, shooting it out of the camera. If you keep gentle pressure on it, it will end up protruding about 1/8 inch, enough to grab it with fingernails.

Kit… you do not want to pry the card out with a knife. Good chance you will damage the card or the eject/lock mechanism.

I use a small knife, toothpick or edge of a thin spoon to press against the edge of the card gently using and inward press. use the back of the knife not the sharp edge, it has to be perfectly seated into the slot to work properly. And it is deeply seated and sometimes difficult to remove or install. It takes a little practice is all and a lot of patience. Gently is the key word here.
Hope this helps!

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Should you turn off the camera first? Will pulling the SD card out while it’s on affect the files on the SD card?

Yes, they recommend that you turn off the camera BEFORE inserting or removing a MicroSD car.