How to get mounting plate off of back of Video Doorbell

I put the mounting plate on the back of the video doorbell and now I can’t get it off.

I need to get it off so I can mount the doorbell.


The original doorbell or the doorbell pro?

Original doorbell:

Doorbell pro:


Original doorbell. So, how do I get the mounting plate off so I can install the dorbell?

Never mind. I used a knife to raise the plate a bit and it came off.

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In the thread I linked above there are several ways to remove the backplate from the doorbell itself.

Sounds like you haven’t installed the doorbell yet so I guess you have the loose doorbell with the backplate on it. The steak knife method mentioned in the thread above should work since you can easily see the tab that you have to tweak. Or I’d say clip the wedge that comes with the pack into the backplate so you can use that as leverage to slide the backplate off.