How to remove the video doorbell

I did not use the wedge when I installed the video doorbell on my garage side door. Now I wish I had it on there. How can I remove the doorbell from the flat mount so I can reinstall using the wedge. I am familiar on how the snap lock works and it was a devil to get it loose when I test fitted everything before installation. If I have to break the flat mount off are replacements available?

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You should just be able to pull up on the doorbell and it should come off. Not sure if replacement mounts are available.

There are a few ongoing threads about this topic already. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Followed what the other thread stated and got it right off.

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Needs more steak knives. :frowning:

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I tested the mounting clip on mine before install and immediately noticed the snap lock, and realized that if it was installed using the mounting plate as is (unlike the Eufy Doorbells which come with a paperclip style release key), I’d be unable to release it from the wall once mounted. As a result, I used a pair of side cutters to cut off the locking portion of the tab.

At $30, if someone managed to steal it, I figure :man_shrugging:t4:… Either way, IT IS A BAD design.

Can someone please clarify? I originally installed the Wyze Doorbell WITH the wedge. Now I need to remove it to press the re-set button:
So far I have had no lock pushing the DoorBell upwards.
Should I be pushing the Wedge up instead?
In other words, should I be trying to remove the DoorBell from the Wedge -or- should I be trying to remove the Wedge AND the DoorBell from the wall.
Should I be pushing the Wedge up with the DoorBell attached to it, or am I trying to remove the DoorBell FROM the Wedge?

Push the doorbell up from it’s backplate, which is connected to the wedge. Pushing down on the wedge will help with leverage. It’s tough and has been described similar to “push it to where you think your going to break it but it won’t break, it’ll seperate”. There is also the knife method where you slide a thin blade knife behind the doorbell to disengage the “tab” that’s holding it in place.

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Any chance of a photo showing exactly where to place that thin blade knife?
If a part breaks while pushing up or sliding a knife is there a part replacement available from Wyze; or is my whole Wyze DoorBell forever trashed?

You ring, we bring. Get it?

Post immediately after that shows steak knife technique video.