How to decline Cam Plus?

I’ve got V2 cam that I had to reconnect to my network (was acting flaky). Upon finishing the setup, the app is now telling me that my device is automatically enrolled in a 2-week Cam Plus trial. I don’t want a free trial, I don’t want Cam Plus at all (even if it’s free). I only want to record locally on the SD card in my camera. There is no option to decline Cam Plus, only a single “Continue” button with “I agree to the terms” above it.

How do I setup a camera without using Cam Plus?

To cancel Cam Plus:

Thanks for the quick response, but that’s not exactly what I asked. I don’t want to accept the Cam Plus terms (don’t have time to read them, don’t want the service at all) then cancel. I want to setup my cam without Cam Plus at all. Is this possible? , I think you have made a thread about it.

Is this it?


Well, that is a thread, but it’s not mine - I didn’t start that one. I agree with the sentiment, though.

I started it.
The point being, we can’t avoid signing up for the Cam Plus trial whether we agree with Wyze’s terms or not.

Wait I thought if you force closed the app you could avoid starting the trial? Or does it force it on you again upon the next launch?

I thought force closing worked but it didn’t. The next time I opened the app trial had started.

The one you very explicitly did not agree to. Wow. Even sleazier than I thought. I will be holding off on app updates for a long time.

The first one, I accidentally hit the Accept button or whstever it was called. The second?one I tried closing the spp. The third one I hit the back button which should never click a button.
I’m giving WYZE the benefit of doubt on this. I don’t think they purposely programmed the app to start a trial no matter what the user does. I think it was just typical WYZE poor programming, no internal testing and ignoring beta test results.

Sorry if redundant but I am unclear what I lose once this 14 day trial is up…

The ability to detect the presence of a human as a human and the ability to record more than 12 seconds to the “cloud”.