How to connect to WiFi in a college dorm?

Hey, my college does not support smart devices on campus. Is there a way I can still connect to my college’s guest WiFi (doesn’t have a password) or to eduroam? Thank you!

Maybe go a travel router route? That may get the device to have internet but there may also be other things in place like port blocking to have them actually work.

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Red flag. Find another school. I’m serious. What kind of administration actively blocks the very foundation of modern society from first through third worlds? Open Internet is foundational. It is not negotiable. You PAY them for this idiocy? Leave. Now. It’s still September.

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What devices are you trying to connect? Are you in a dorm room? What is your school’s policy and why? I can certainly understand wanting to restrict cameras since use of them could include unscrupulous people placing them in inappropriate places.

I should have mentioned more details:
I’m trying to connect the Wyze Bulb Color in my dorm room and the Wyze app asks for a WiFi passport when pairing the device. I have two available networks on campus: 1) guest WiFi without a password and 2) eduroam. The app allowed me to pair the Wyze Cam and Plug using the guest WiFi, but won’t allow me to do the same with the bulb. I tried to enter my eduroam password, but it doesn’t work for some reason. And my school doesn’t ban smart devices, they just don’t help solve the problem.

Wyze Bulb Color

Could you please elaborate about the travel router route?

It’s any small router that will handle the necessary portal login and then present a new WiFi network for any dumber smart devices to use. is frequently mentioned but many routers can do this.

Oh, and glad to hear your access isn’t unduly restricted.

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