How to change the Mail client used by Wyze app?

Replaced my smartphone and setting up new app settings for my CAM V2 system. Made a mistake when I tried to download a captured security event to be emailed to my personal email account on PC. Selected Outlook but don’t have an Outlook 365 accounts and should have selected Gmail. Did not complete the email set up but now it won’t let me go back to GMail and wants me to continue setting up outlook as my service.

Short of deleting the Wyze app and risking losing info etc. how do I force the app to let me change the email download send client to Gmail or change an email address?

Seems like such a basic function I would not have expected to have any trouble with it.

All your Wyze settings are saved in the cloud so if you delete and reinstall the app, just log in and your cameras etc will populate the app.

Did you click the share link from the event video in the event tab? Or click the download link from that video?

The share link keeps bringing me to the same menu where I can choose many links to share to different platforms. Didn’t stick to anything when I tried to email something to myself. When I Hit the download link it saved it to my phone, where I’d have to go into Google photos to then share it. That wouldn’t be a Wyze app thing as the download is then outside of the app. Thinking this issue is more device OS settings than Wyze app settings. Still tinkering to try and replicate…

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