How to change the focus on the Floor Lamp?

I’ve got my new floor lamp. Yeah! Sets up easily. Nice fit and finish and beautiful light.

I could use help with how to focus the lamp. The product web site shows a picture where the light is 24 degrees, 15 degrees or 8 degrees. I’ve looked all over the bulb for any way to twist or pull the bulb to adjust the focus. Nothing in the quick guide or the app to help.

Any ideas?

I’m pretty sure it only does 23°. Not sure why they posted the other focuses. @AmandaM?


This is for comparisons on how large the area shines at different angles. Yes, Wyze Floor Lamp only does at 23 degrees


Thnx for at least clearing up the confusion @AmandaM. I’d suggest feedback to your site marketing team to either clarify what they mean or remove the graphic as I was lead to believe there was some mechanism/feature to adjust the focus on the lights. Not disappointed in my purchase (not a deal breaker) but an area to improve.


I can see from the picture as to degree on the lamp…But the 23 Deg is posted.

@cohibajoe I completely agree they explain the 23 degree aperture, and it is a very nice and even light that focuses well for my model building. But then why go on to show a 15 degree and 8 degree for the same lamp? If they were showing how it differed from other brands, then show other physical lamps. It would be the equivalent of a Wyze Cam v3 web page showing a video with 120 degrees view, 150 degrees view and 180 degree view, but then in the body of the page say that the camera offers 120 degree field of view. Why show the others? It makes it look like a missing feature.

Hello, everyone! When Wyze first launched this Floor Lamp, they advertised that the center of this bulb 8 degree would light up at a later time with a firmware upgrade. After reading about it, I don’t see where they advertised it anymore. I am hoping that is still on the list for them to do.

This Lamp is Limited on the Beam Angle…I am using this as a Work light with limited successes…And I purchased 2 of these :rofl: