Wyze Floor Lamp - How do you change the light angle from 23 degrees to 15 degrees, and 8 degrees?

How do you change the light angle from 23 degrees to 15 degrees, 8 and degrees?

That’s a confusing graphic that has generated this question before. I wish they’d take it down. That is supposed to be showing the differences in various floor lamp styles, compared to the 23° you get with this lamp. The problem is, each example looks like this lamp.

This lamp is a fixed 23° lamp. You can’t change it to other patterns.


They DEF should take it down or edit it.

2 other co-workers Independantly ASKED me the same question I’m asking you when they saw it (the image on the product page) today.

Thank You

PS- great lamp

Just received my two and had same question. On the plus side, the light is beautifully packaged and constructed. Looks and feels like a more expensive light. The remote puck is an elegant design but may not get much use. On the minus side and one that disturbs me is that it’s Bluetooth and not WiFi controlled. Unless I’m in the room with it, there’s no control. No scheduled turning on or off. Big mistake not reading the literature more carefully. Means I cannot control with either Google or Smarthome software.

Tap the Floor Lamp icon on your app Home. Tap the settings icon in upper right (gear icon)

Tap Schedules

Tap Add Schedules

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Oops. Thank you for catching that.

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Hello, everyone! When Wyze first launched this Floor Lamp, they advertised that the center of this bulb 8 degree would light up at a later time with a firmware upgrade. After reading about it, I don’t see where they advertised it anymore. I am hoping that is still on the list for them to do.

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…except it looks like there is nothing under that area…So I guess the changed their mind… grrrr