How to ascertain the current status of a sensor: is it open or is it closed?

The Wyze app notifies me when a sensor is triggered by being opened or by being closed. But is it possible to know, at any given point in time, what the current state or status of the sensor is, i.e., “open” or “closed”? With that information I could construct an IFTTT recipe that would run like this: “If it is 10 PM, and if any sensors are open, blink the lights Red five times.” Then maybe I wouldn’t forget to check the windows and go to bed leaving some open.
(Edit: I should mention that the current status seems to be available to Google, at least, because if I ask Google “Are windows (i.e., sensors) open” then Google will respond telling me that (such and such) window is open or closed.)

The current state of a contact sensor or motion sensor is listed right next to each sensor on the home page of the app. It’s also listed if you click on each individual sensor.

For me I use Alexa integration … Alexa, is the front door closed ?
If Alexa replies I didn’t find a device named front door the sensor and or the bridge is offline.

The Wyze app seems to be unreliable in giving me the current status for the senors… it usually indicate it’s offline many hours after.

Rebooting the affected cam/bridge fixes the issue unless battery is dead.

I don’t think you can have that many “if” statements in an IFTTT applet. How would you do that?

I am looking for a solution that does not require me to take the initiative each night. That’s the problem, I forget. I’m trying to set up something to run automatically that will then notify me, either by blinking lights or a recorded announcement or something else, that some sensors/windows are open. Perhaps I will need to invest in a hub of some kind and go that route.

I have a rule set in the Wyze app, such that:

  1. Scheduled at 9pm
  2. Turn sensor notification ON
    Then a similar rule to turn the notification OFF in the morning.

I use this for a door sensor, for reference. If you want to create a complex scheme, then take a look at Sequematic. I am no expert, but scratched together some sequences that are a bit more than IFTTT can handle.

Hooray! I have solved this, and I didn’t need IFTTT or to learn to program in Python! I just set up a Google “schedule” (which I didn’t know about before I began this research) … I “scheduled” Google at 9:45 pm each night to “tell me if the windows are open”. (First I have Google prep me a bit with “Bruce, about the windows in your house…” and then it/she immediately goes on to say “…the office window onto the deck is open (or closed) and the tv room window onto the front yard is open (or closed).” I’m thrilled, and I didn’t have to spend another dime. Maybe I can eventually figure out how to have it speak to me about the windows ONLY if one or more of them are open, because that’s all I really care about at bedtime, but for now, I’m a happy camper!

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