Is Contact Sensor OPEN or CLOSED now?

Sorry if this has been answered, but I cannot find it…

Is there a way to programatically (ifttt) check the status of a contact sensor? I want to send a message if the sensor is open after 10pm. (If the door is still open after 10pm a message is sent) I see lots of examples that fire on the opening or closing of the sensor, but none to check what the sensor is right now.

I did create a couple IFTTT recipes to log a new line in a google sheet on open or close and carry the last entry to a specific cell. You can also look at the Wyze app to check the status but haven’t wrapped them together to alert me at 10pm if someone left the garage door open…

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure if IFTTT can programmatically check the status of ANYTHING. Can it? It’s not all that powerful, really. You can make it do something when an event happens, but I don’t think you can write more complex logic than that.

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With the help of a Wyze Plug to act as a virtual switch, you might be able to rig up something that would alert you when a contact sensor opens after 10pm, but that’s not the same thing as a contact sensor still being open after 10pm. Right now, unfortunately, the logic available in the Wyze app and in IFTTT isn’t exactly Turing Complete.

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I don’t know of a way to accomplish what you want but I certainly see the utility of it. It bears some thinking that’s for sure. In the meantime hopefully someone on here will help out with a surprise method. :grinning:

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Thanks for the thoughts. I have it set now to log open or close into a google sheet and also send me an e-mail… Maybe I need to think differently - A night light plugged into a Smart Life plug could be switched on/off when the contact opens/closes… Easy reminder when I’m headed to bed. Can even get a couple of these and turn on/off as a group for multiple “displays”…


True, I have heard of others using that approach and they seem to find it helpful. Good luck!

That can be done with an Alexa routine on some door sensors. Once Wyze gets their door sensors approved by Amazon as triggers, I imagine they will work for this too.

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How does that work exactly? Like what would the trigger be? Do you actually have contact sensors that can do this? I’m curious because I already have my Wyze sensors added in Alexa, but this isn’t possible. (It was temporarily possible to add them, but they’ve removed it for now because it wasn’t intended to be public yet, and isn’t really ready for primetime)

My understanding is that devices of the same type are supposed to use the same basic interfaces in Alexa. So in terms of its Alexa integration, a contact sensor from X brand should have the same interface as a contact sensor from Wyze. (I’m basing this on a conversation I had with @Frederik in the thread/message I linked below.) So if it isn’t possible with the Wyze sensor currently, it seems like it probably wouldn’t be possible in Alexa at all. (Yet anyway) But if another company is doing it, that would be interesting. I’d be curious to see how that’s implemented.

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Right now I can verbally ask Alexa something like “is the back door closed” or “is the back door open” and she will respond with “the back door is <>”.

But I cannot directly query verbally for the current state like “is the back door open or closed”

In routines I can also use the act of state change but I can’t respond to an unknown state. Below is my version of Auto Lock which is fired when the front door contact sensors generate a closed event. But it’s the event of becoming closed not the actual state I am working with.

My front door uses Ring contact sensors, my back door uses Wyze. Both seem to work identically.

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I’m sorry. I thought that it was one of my Alexa routines that does that. It turns out it is done by NexxHome.


You can now do this I Alexa Routine. Pick a time , then under action, go to Custom. Then type ex: Is The Garage Door Open. It uses that phrase as if you said. I get an announcement every night at 10pm and if I don’t hear a reply of the Garage is Closed…