How should I set the Cam Pan to catch my landlord?

I have caught my landlord one time entering my room while I have been away. I am leaving today and will be gone from 11:30AM-9PM and need to know if I should set the application to record ALL DAY EVENT WITH CONTINUOUS RECORDING or SPECIFIC START TIME WITH EVENT ONLY RECORDING?

This seems like a question I should be able to answer by myself but I have dyslexia and a few other impairments that prevent me from fully understanding simple things such as this.

Thank you for taking your time in reading and helping me resolve my complicated living predicament with this awesome camera and software!


If you do event-only recording you are dependent on the proper setting of the detection zone, and the camera sensing motion within it. I doubt that will be a big problem in close quarters, but they are possible points of failure. I have lost footage that way. You can also lose footage if they become still for a period of time, like standing at a desk or sitting in a chair.

Since you can get several days of continuous HD footage on a 32 GB SD card, I go for continuous recording and let the 12-second cloud alert tell you where to go in playback mode to see all the activity that happened. That will always catch everything.

You can also do a time-lapse scheduled for those hours and continuous recording at the same time. Then the time lapse can sum up everything that happened between those hours, and you can go to the time of any activity you see on the continuous recording. I caught a door installer searching my drawers that way (there was going to be expected activity in the room, so I couldn’t use motion alerts).

If you add the time lapse option, you may need to format your card first to clear enough space to start a recording.


Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to me how to use the Wyze functions in layman’s terms…

I am going to experiment with the settings and figure out what does what tonight.

Thank you again!!!



Thank you so very much for responding to my problem!

Since that time, she came into my room again to drop off my mail, which she normally leaves at my door. When she came in, she looked around just standing there for about 20 seconds, staring at my book case which is in the opposite direction of the camera.

I looked up California LAW on having recording devices in my room. I cannot legally record sound, or have it aimed at the door because if it captures the hallway, that is a violation of her personal space and would be considered an invasion of privacy.

Also, the law said because she lives here she is allowed to come in my room without any notice, at any time! If she did not live here, she would legally have to provide me a 24-48 hour notice.


Thank you very much!