What is the best way to know something has happened?

I see all the interesting things people capture on their Wyze cams - bears, people, etc and I think to myself that I must live a boring life because I never see anything interesting - other than a spider - on my camera. But then again, I don’t have time to watch all my cameras footage from the day. So, how does everyone scrub their footage? Do you just watch the motion notifications? I have mine set to continuous record so is that what I’m doing wrong? Help me capture something better than a spider or at least see it if there is a bear in my yard without watching 24 hours of video.

You can certainly have motion notifications as well as continuous recording, so yes that’s something you can do. You can tweak the the sensitivity and the monitoring zone on each camera.

Personally, of my two main Wyze cams, neither can reliably write to their (Wyze branded) SD cards, so we resort to the event notification log to actually see anything. (And of course the notorious “lockout/cooldown” periods after activity mean we miss a lot.)

If person detection works for you (it never did for us) then your bears could be detected that way. Have fun.

What is the best way to know something has happened?

Smell, audible alert.

I just check the thumbnail images in the events tab


Does it mean you choose continuous recording but look at the event log for the start time of specific event ?

What we want is it records continuous till the detected person or motion is no more.

It seems to work that way till our sd card is almost full and all of a sudden it dies not record the events continuous but only the 12 seconds event.

Thanks for the help.

This is currently how things are, two different ways. First is if you have your local SD card recording set to event only, it will record starting from the top of the minute in one minute segments until the motion event is done. If local recording is set to continuous, it should record everything anyways. Secondly, cloud recording has what is called Complete Motion Capture (CMC, which replaces the 12 second event clips), which is a subscription service per camera. It records from the begining of your motion until the motion is no more and uploads it to the cloud. Currently person detection does not work in conjunction with CMC, but is being worked on.

Local SD card recording is completely independent of cloud recording, so you can have one or the other or both or neither.

Local recording will record till it fills up your sd card then start rewriting over the oldest recording. That is unless there is a fault with the card or the camera

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