How many TV’s/fire sticks can I log into at one time?


Simple question: how many TVs or Firesticks can be logged into at one time?

Background: I need a simple monitoring system that is wireless for 10 separate rooms from 1 camera. I have a V3 camera that I use from stage to my office, but we want to have all of our backstage rooms to have the same feed. Audio is piped in from audio console. Just video is needed.


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I haven’t read anywhere that there is an Amazon \ Alexa imposed limit on the number of streams from a single device. And, I haven’t read anywhere that the Wyze Cam V3 limits the number of streams either. That is something that may need to be tested. I do know that some of the newer cams, like the OG, do have a 3 stream limit, but that is built on a different cam OS.

But, be aware of the Amazon \ Alexa 10 minute stream limit.

Not really a Wyze solution but have you thought about live streaming to YouTube. All 10 rooms could watch the stream. You would also have a YouTube link you could share with whomever at the conclusion of the performance.

I’ve no idea what that 10 minute limit is. I’ve never seen it with Alexa lol. It definitely does not stop after 10 minutes so that info appears to be completely wrong.

Many have experienced that issue with the Display Devices. I have also experienced it on my Fire TV with specific cams. However I mainly use TinyCam and stay away from Alexa streaming since it is so bad.

That’s odd. I’ve not seen it on any device older or newer (even from cheapest to most expensive Fire TV devices). Alexa also works great on all of them.

Completely opposite experiences lol.

*I suppose some differences is probably because I use Alexa Routines to deal with the Wyze cams. You probably didn’t I’d assume. Don’t know about the rest but there really is not time limit at all (have ran them 24/7).

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I do use Wyze Cams for Routine Triggers, although Person Detection is generally the only trigger available for the majority of the cams. The FLP does have lighting triggers. However, since none have usable cam or power Actions, I only use the lighting actions on the FLP.

Do you use Alexa Routines to refresh the cam? I have the routine automatically speak “show the cam” every 2 hours. There’s no inactivity timeout that way. It will go on and on.

That’s also 2 hours of running and not 10 minutes as well. I see no limit within 2 hours at all. Doing that it goes on and on and hence my viewpoint of no timeout.

Maybe it used to be 10 minutes years ago. I don’t know. Something is odd about that one. That Wyze post is from 2021 so something may have changed since then. Its not the fire stick as I have it on a 2020 fire stick just fine at 2 hours (except maybe for fire stick updates or alexa updates since then).

I do not. I can only get them to stream on my FireTV. They won’t stream on my Android phone Alexa App. It just tells me that “Cams don’t work on this device”.

That explains the lack of stream loss. It just reinitiated a new P2P stream. But 2 hours. That is impressive without a drop.

Like I said, I use TCP almost exclusively on my phone and on my ChromeCast as it is so much more reliable and I can see multi cam views. My FireTV Stick takes F O R E V E R to connect so I rarely use it at all any more except for a routine that automatically streams the doorbell when I am watching TV and someone annoyingly presses the button.