How many gigs do I need on an SD card to continuously record 2 weeks worth of images?

I have an SD card but I don’t believe it has 2 weeks worth of memory. How many gigs would I need to store a continuous recording for 2 weeks?

128 would be real close.
256 would give plenty of extra.


The rule for 1080p cams is roughly 9-10gb per 24hrs in Max settings high traffic continuous recording without nightvision.

So, usually a 128gb card will get people about 2 weeks.


Thank you both.

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Just to add to what’s already been said, since I see the cam-og tag on this topic, I’m using a 256 GB microSD card in my Cam OG and doing continuous recording with night vision off, and I’m seeing 17 days on the timeline.


Depends on the resolution of your camera, among other things.

An old rule of thumb Wyze used to promote was you got 2-3 days of recording on a 32 GB card in 1080p rsolution. So, an average of 2.5 days. If you averaged 2.5 days for every 32 GB of space, then 14 days would need about 180 GB. 128 GB would give you 10 days, and 256 GB 20. The OGs, V1/V2/and V3 (plain) are all 1080p.

But it is also dependent on how much the view changes. Staring at a blank wall it will record more in less space than if it is continuously recording chaos.

Compression may be higher on the 2k cameras, but I would still expect them to use more space. I am currently in the process of replacing my 1080p cameras though, so no good experience at 2k from me. But sounds like you are only looking for 1080p advice. :slightly_smiling_face: