How I will be replacing my lame security cameras

This is how I will be replacing my Zosi PoE security cameras. The zosi cameras themselves have not been the worst but the NVR is just awful and the app is worse. I’m never able to connect reliably. The app is horribly written and I’m pretty sure the NVR is just a gateway in for state sponsored hackers. So now that Wyze has made the V3 which meets my needs for a good outdoor camera, I will be swapping the zosi cameras with V3s. Since I spent a great deal of time running cat5e cable I really didn’t want to run 110v wire for a normal 110v receptacle for my Power needs, enter the PoE to USB converter!! This combined with a proper outdoor mount, which will easily fit V3, will make for the perfect solution to ditch those lame cameras and replace them with a camera that has a better picture and way more features.

Here are the items I purchased. I will update after the install.

The PoE switch will only be necessary to replace the NVR which I will be selling. Otherwise I could keep the NVR solely for the purpose of powering the cameras but this is a waste in my opinion. So the zosi system which retailed for ~250 when I purchased it, is by far less capable and way more expensive that doing it with Wyze cams. The lesson I’ve learned with Wyze is to just wait. At some point Wyze will make it. This has been true for my security system, headphones, doorbell cam, sprinkler controller and now outdoor cams. 2021 should be very interesting.

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There’s also talk of a POE adapter for the V3 that would do power and data. That would be helpful in this situation.

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Do you have any links to this talk? Very interesting. Again, when it comes to Wyze, wait it out.

Have you been a member here long? Good luck with your faith. You’ll find frustration in a different way.

Here’s a summary of the recent AMA. That’s where they talked about possibilities.

V3 Micro-usb port transmits both power and data so there are lots of possibilities like POE and many other adapters

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And yet without your local NVR you’ll have to pay for CamPlus to get a fraction of the NVR’s recording capabilities and with no local storage. As long as you’re cool with that trade-off…

But I will have local storage via the micro SD. And cloud, which was not an option with the Zosi system. And if I really want local storage I can utilize RTSP and blue iris. All better options than the Zosi system.

Yes, true. It’s interesting that you’re moving back from a local solution to a cloud solution while others of us are considering migrating the other way. The grass is always greener I suppose.

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Also if you used the zosi you’d def understand that having a zosi system is as good as nothing. Neighbor had his truck stolen and the zosi didn’t record anything since the HDD was full which it was set to record over. But the zosi OS is garbage. And as I mentioned before, it’s more than likely being backdoored by Chinese hacking groups.

I’ll do a full review of both systems at some point. I’m sure the wake will have its drawbacks compared it a quality security camera setup like hikvision but for the price and capabilities that I’m looking for, I’m having a hard time finding something better than the planned Wyze setup. I almost put faith into the outdoor cam but that thing wouldn’t cut it. I kinda regret buying it. Might just stick it in a tree and see if I catch any deer or something.

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FWIW, a friend has had an 8 camera 1080p Zosi system with DVR for about 2 years now. It’s easy to navigate through the app on his phone & very user friendly via the DVR in his home. Very clear images too. He’s only had one issue with one camera. The past 12 months it lost connection about 5 times for about 5 minutes each time. This one is hard wired and he’s thinking moisture is getting to it. Anyways it’s hard to believe everything only cost $250 U.S.