How does two factor authentication work on Wyze V3 cameras? Anyone tried it?

Actually, the word set-up may be confusing. you set it up once via the app so you can use it. then on each device you will be prompted for the 2 factor token when you logon.

I do this all the time when I am loading it on different devices when I test the announced beta apps or Beta Firmware.

Or am I missing something?


you will have to provide your 2FA on all devices where you use the app and logon with the account associated with that 2FA. You are protected on all devices.



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That is what I said. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

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Thanks for ALL replies.
I think I I’ve got it.
For the example I gave earlier:
Set up ONCE.
Sign In with 2FA token on every DARN Display device.
So I would need to sign in using the 2FA token on 9 different displays (Is that just one time on each display for all my cams?)
What about for the Amazon Wyze Skill, and the Tinycam app?
How do I do them???

You shouldn’t need to sign in again on any of the other devices.

Last night I set 2FA up, and was sent a code. I didn’t need the code because my devices were already running.

Now, whenever I log out of any device or install the app as new, I will need the code ON THAT DEVICE. So the rule is, if you are entering your password, you need the code on that device. Otherwise no.

OK, to be crystal clear. If my Wyze Doorbell rings, when I want to check to see who is there, will it require 2 factor login? I hope not because that will take longer to open the cameral to see.

No it will not require login everytime you open the app or view the doorbell.

2fa is ONLY required when you LOGIN to something. That means whenever the username and password is prompted, it will also prompt 2fa. It doesn’t prompt the username and password when you open the app every time, so it WONT ask for 2fa either

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Your explanation is very clear and understandable.

Wyze should issue a new email or notice that makes it very clear as to when one has to use 2FA and when it is NOT needed.
I have had several people tell me the Wyze email they received was was totally incoherent and confusing, especially the list on page 3.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about this subject.
It has been handled very POORLY by Wyze.

nope i dont like 2 factor period on anything ! any device i have had that forces me to use 2factor of any kind goes right in the trash can ! so as long as 2 factor is a choice to use it or just delete it … that is how it should be .

Yes, I don’t understand why Wyze can’t just leave 2FA to be OPTIONAL, like it is today.

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if its not optional and they force it on everyone , well that would suck because i have alot of wyse product that would be going in the trash ! both vacs thermo doorbell , big watch , and including the cameras i bought my neighboors and brother at 20 and i would not be buying any of there products for xmas gifts any more !

Hey, don’t throw the cameras in the trash.
Send them to me.
I could always use a few more cameras !!!

Why do you need to throw them away? 2fa barely affects your usage of the product.

it should never be forced on anyone to use 2factor ! not even once ! !!! that should be the buyers choice too download and use 2 factor ! not a default app thats automatically on ! that is not how a company treats it customers making their choices for them ,they buy your products because people like the choices they have to do what they want with the products they pay for . just in case you dont know all the companies that started that crap making it mandatory use 2 factor on there products got in some trouble and most dont not force 2 factor anyone anymore its a default off choice , so ask yourself do you want too piss off alot of customer’s and lose sales over something that you know damm well is a buyer choice to use 2 factor or not ! personal i have never had a single problem with any device period that made me think hhmmm i should have had 2 factor on that ! but i sure the hell wanted rip someones head off because 2 factor completely locked me out on things so many times i lost count ! some of them i still cant get access too and i dont use there products but if i meet someone who works for them … alice one of these days alice bam right in the kisser !

Can anybody explain why Wyze does not just keep 2FA OPTIONAL, like it is now???

Thank you!

Its notbon each camera its for the app at login…after you have it set up it will send you a pass code to your text message on your phone,then you put that code in your app and hit enter…thats it fast,simple

2FA will be optional, you will be able to opt out of it when the time comes. FAQ is posted here.

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