How does this not trigger an event?

This is an original cam pan and I’m trying to figure out how it could possibly see, and follow a VERY obvious motion event but not alert and record it to the cloud??
I have cam plus on it and have detection settings set at half way. It recorded the trees blowing during the storm shortly after this but didn’t record or alert me of a giant truck and person in my driveway.
I’m not sure what to even say about this. The only reason o knew this happened was because I recently installed a flood and it alerted me but now I have little to no faith that this camera even works to alert me of someone in my driveway.
Is there something I’m missing here?!


There are a couple of situations that may cause you to not get a motion or tagged event upload and notification depending on your settings.

What firmware are you running?
What are your Event Recording Settings?
What are your Smart Detection Settings?
Are you recording Sound Events?
What are your Notification Settings?
Do you have any Filters set in the Events page?

That link doesn’t appear to be a valid video file.

This is the linked video



Set to record all events “all day”

Smart detection settings I have “person” turned on.

Not recording sound events

Notification settings are notifications = true and motion events = true

I have filters of certain cameras but the driveway camera is one of them. There is an event right after this giant truck and person when the wind blew the tree next to the driveway.