Specific event not working - what am I doing wrong?

I have never done much with events and notifications, but doing some testing with it recently. I’m using my V2 (with CamPlus Unlimited) mailbox cam as my test case. My intent is to be notified when the mail is delivered. My mailbox is built into a brick column next to the sidewalk.
There is power and a WiFi AP inside the column. I discovered early on that I can’t use sound detection for notifications because every person walking by while talking, noisy cars, dog barking, helicopter passing overhead, etc triggered a sound event. So I concentrated on visual detections. As I understand it, “motion” is detected based on a change of lighting in enough pixels.
So here is this morning’s mail delivery:

The forum wont let me upload additional images, so I’ll try in a followup message with my settings…

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Here are my settings:

And today’s events for that camera:

The video above is from the 0954 event - which you notice was sound only.
Why was that not detected as motion when I have “Other motion events” selected?
And no, I did not get notified.

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It definitely should have recorded a motion event with all that going on. But one thing I notice about your Events list is there are no motion events whatsoever. They are all sound events which are default 12s timed trigger uploads. Not sure if you had the events filtered though.

If my logic is right, the sound event triggers a 12s video upload independant of the motion upload, much like an automation rule, and it is routed differently than the motion activated upload. It doesn’t have to run thru any AI interrogation. Since the cam is in the process of a sound event 12s timed upload while the motion is occuring, it can’t upload the motion event because it can’t upload two streams simultaneously from the same cam. I honestly don’t think the cam even will detect motion during that firmware timed 12s when it is being employed uploading the sound event.

Have you tried shutting off the Record Sound Events to test if that may be triggering before the motion event and therefore preventing the motion event from occuring and uploading?

I have not tried killing sound, but what you said makes sense. gonna give it a try.
I’ll report findings…

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BINGO! Changed “Record sound events” on the Event Recording page, and then walked out to the mailbox.

I opened the mailbox, closed it, waited a few seconds and opened it again. Right after that, if you listen carefully, you can hear the alert on my #$%^ iPhone - just before I say “Ah Ha”.

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Thanks for the confirmation! We now know that sound uploads will block motion detection uploads for the 12s that it is uploading. It looks like you are getting a much longer video too.

Yep. Thanks for that suggestion.

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I do need to go out there and slightly re-point the camera so the illumination is more centered, and pointed down slightly.

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