How do you turn off video alerts automatically playing on your phone?

I know it’s somewhere but cannot remember where it is. When I pick up my phone after getting an alert notification it will automatically play the video. It also auto plays when sitting on my charger. I need it to stop.

Ive not run into that. I was actually unaware they could do that.

what are you running? which cameras and what OS?

Samsung Note 8 with 2 wyze cams and 1 pan cam. Android Ver. 9

Does it play the video Through the Wyze App? I have a Note 9 and have not seen anything like this.

I have also not seen this at all. So is it opening the Wyze app to view the event videos?

I agree with the crowd here. Is it your phones gallery app or video player automatically playing said video right after the Wyze app notif?

Ok. I finally figured it out. I apologize but it was my Samsung watch. In the settings it gives you the choice to show notifications on your phone when you pick it up or while you’re using the phone. So every time I got an alert, my watch would send it to my phone to view. Again I apologize.


Glad it got resolved!

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Glad you figured it out! :+1:


good to know!!! thanks for the update