How do you change contact number HMS?

Does anyone know how to change the contact phone number in HMS? I don’t see the option. Thanks in advance

Depends… In the Android version of the Wyze app, you can go to “Monitoring” tab, then go to “Home monitoring settings.”… In there, you will see “home information” followed by “phone number”. Unfortunately, for IOS, the phone number is not appearing like it does in Android… not sure why that is…


Initially, there was no way to change the phone number for HMS. However, those that are currently using the Beta versions iOS Beta app 2.20.131 and Android Beta app 2.20.3 should be able to change or update their phone number. This feature should be available to everyone in the near future when it’s released to production.

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Yeah, not showing up on my android device. Glad to hear that it is coming. Will there be any way to list multiple phone numbers? Won’t do my wife much good if I’m out of town/unreachable when Noonlight calls. Need to at least be able to add her number as a secondary contact.

I had reached out to Wyze customer support and they mentioned that when the new official 2.20 app version is released, that should allow for editing and adding additional telephone numbers…

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Thanks for the info!