Can’t change phone number of shared account

I am unable to add or modify my contacts phone number for home monitoring. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the normal app as well as removed and re-added contact and there is no arrow to allow modifications to the contact. I have tried various iPhones and iPads only. No Android. Also doesn’t work on beta app either. weird thing is on a fresh install on an iPhone or iPad that has never been installed before, it’s there till you log out and log back in or update app. Any help would be appreciated as I have sent logs in and contacted support many times and get the same coined answers of how to add /modify contacts but the arrow isn’t there !!

Hello @bryanmhill and welcome to the community. I am sorry you are running into an issue trying to change the number.

Can I ask are you going through the main account to try and edit the number or the shared account to try and edit the number?

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Through the main account. Thanks for asking.

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I have reported this to the team, but just to verify, you are trying to change the number for the shared user from the main account. Is that correct?

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Yes that’s correct as the main account for a shared user. This is the page under the account tab. One other thing I’ve noticed is under the home monitoring section, when I open the settings there, in the shared account section , my shared users are not there! They used to appear there also and are not. If I try to add them, it says they are already using home monitoring. Again, this is both iPad and iPhone and in regular and beta app. Log IDs to help support the issue are 463624, 463666, 567077 and 568280

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