How do I troubleshoot this? Solar panel no longer charging WCO (original)

I’ve had the solar panel attached since about Feb of 2022, and it has worked pretty consistently since then. I’m pretty sure that the display was showing 100% charged YESTERDAY but, today, the camera went offline, so I unplugged it so as to reboot it. Now, no LED when I plug it back in, and the battery is showing 0%.

I’m guessing that my next step is to charge the camera sans solar - but I haven’t done that in so long I’m not sure if I got a different cable for that, or if I have to take down the solar panel and disconnect that cable? Is there a place to download the manual for the WCO (original)? Can I just use any USB cable, to charge it?

You should have received a 5V 2A power adapter and cable with the camera when you purchased it, I have four version one WCO and they all came with adapter and cable. You can also charge it from the base if you have the cable. USB -A to Micro USB I think.