How do I setup the following?

Hello everybody,

I just got the camera and would like to setup the camera in the following scenario:

  • Camera takes photos on predetermined interval. I want to setup one photo every 2 min but would like to have flexibility to setup either once every 15 sec or once every 10 min.
  • Photos are uploaded via ssh/http at the provided internet resource.
  • Alternative to the previous option would be if photos are saved locally at SDHC card and I have cron job which pulls out the photos from that card/resource.

That’s it. Nothing less, nothing more. Above setup should work independently from anything else - on phone, etc. I am OK to use app or something else once to setup it but after this it should work as described.

How do I setup and operate above scenario? It is out of box software/firmware sufficient for this or do I need a custom firmware/software?


P.S. If someone is interested, this the setup above is needed for image classification project and the requirement is to have camera/software operated in autonomous mode for number of month.

This is not possible within the current Wyze Cam ecosystem. You would need a custom firmware to accomplish this.

There are a number of feature requests in the #roadmap category that relate to this. You may want to browse through those and vote for those that could help your project.

OK, then where can I get such firmware?

There is none that do what you want.

Best you can do now is get RTSP firmware (or wait for Wyze to release one) feed to computer (or…) then have software that monitors the feed, takes a snapshot when you want, then upload that where you want.

Another option would be to buy an Android phone or tablet dedicated to this project and run Tiny Cam Pro on that. I believe that app has at least some of the capabilities you are looking for.

OK, seems I wasted my $30.

Will now have to spend the similar amount to get Raspberry Pi.

Why didn’t you check if the device is capable of what you wanted before buying it?

Based from Amazon’s description I wrongly assumed that it could do this as well. Was wrong. Will do my due diligence in future.

However, after yesterday’s googling it seems that this is the same camera Mi (Xiaomi) is making, bust under different label and firmware.

I will try to put hacked Xiaomi’s firmware which supposedly allows to do above requirement and other stuff. So it might be that after lemon there is a chance to make a lemonade…