How do I make it so Sensor Notifications only happen when Wyze Pan Camera is turned on?

Good day community.

Would you please help me solve my issue?

I have an Alexa Routine set to turn on my Wyze Pan Cam when I leave and turn it off when I’m home based on a voice command “I’m going to work”, “I’m home”, etc.

What I want is notifications completely muted while the Wyze Pan Cam is OFF. That would imply that I am home.

However, when I am gone, the Wyze Pan Cam is now ON. That’s when I want notifications to work.

I can only see ways to schedule based on time, but ideally I want everything triggered to what the Wyze Pan Cam does (working or not working).

Is this doable?

If so, could you please explain in stupid people terms how I pull this off?

Thank you!

When you turn off your Pan Cam via the routine are you still receiving notifications from the Pan Cam?


I turn off my Pan Cam via the routine, but still receive notifications on my door sensors and motion sensor that are synced to the Pan Cam.

Anyone got anything that can help me?

So the bridge is on the pan cam? The pancam will need to be powered off for the bridge to stop, not the pancam " off" via app. Do you have a Wyze plug? Use the plug to actually turn off the pan which will also power off the bridge and you’ll have no notifications from it.