How do I make a dimmer tamper proof?

Over the past few days one of my kids were begging me to remove a dimmer because he thought it wasn’t good for the ceiling fan motor (it controls both the fan and the light together). I told him it only lowers the voltage and I needed to be able to dim the light and he didn’t listen. Then overnight, he bypassed the dimmer switch while I was sleeping, and now I have to use a pull chain to turn the fan and the light on and off. So before I rewire the dimmer I need to find the way to make it tamper proof. Any ideas how?

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Since this is attached to a ceiling fan and has a dimmer switch, can I assume that this isn’t a Wyze Switch?

You don’t disable the dimmer switch. You disable the child’s hands, permanently if necessary. They make lockable boxes to install over switches. And, he should be the one rewiring it.

And BTW, putting the fan mote downstream of dimmer is a really good way to damage the motor.
Although you would need to do some re-wiring, mote fan/lights can be separately wired. Two of the bedrooms in my house have the wall switch control only the lights and we use the pull chain for the fan control. Could also put a second wall switch for the fan. Both our bathroom fan/lights are wired that way.



As @SlabSlayer said, the child is the issue that needs to be addressed. I’m no Dr. Phil but I am sure he would agree. If I had done something like that when I was at home, my father would have cut the power to the fan.

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Pulling a chain is so 1980s.

Remove the dimmer switch. Throw it away.

Replace the ceiling fan.

Lock up the remote so the young electrician can’t rewire it to something else…