How come more people here don't link parallel Reddit threads?

I know many of you are bi-platform. So how come?

  • I’m lazy.
  • Not much to be gained by doing so.
  • I have distinct identities on the two platforms that I prefer not to reveal.
  • You wouldn’t understand.

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How about one more option: Don’t use the “flood you with advertising website” known as Reddit.


after Reddit was hacked a few years ago, I stopped using them completely because I just don’t trust them anymore. There was an attack on my gmail account with which I had registered. I did have 2FA enabled.

I personally don’t like the Reddit approach and find it more complicated for me to use. Plus, I try not to use Social Media all that much.

Real people still use Reddit? Huh…

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I’ve never seen any reason to join it. I occasionally find useful information there via web searches. The layout for comments always seemed atrocious. “Social media” is generally stupid (if not destructive) and I don’t use any.


:ballot_box_with_check: Don’t use any other form of social media anymore

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I must confess, I’ve never belonged, always used it much like @Customer , though not much lately Wyze-wise, and via browser with ad block versus an app. When I first arrived nearly three years ago it was a ‘harder’ crowd technically with this forum more for ‘softies.’ Wyze engineers had extended conversations there they weren’t having here. Over time this gradually changed I think and this forum became mostly all I need. I very much like the Discourse forum platform, find it well designed. I like the idea of up-vote dn-vote in principle versus the Discourse heartcoin indeterminate silence but I expect dn-vote has its downside, too.

I don’t know if wyze reddit has benefit of the maven/mod crew that operates here, but if not, that’s a big plus for here. Aside from being a tad cultish :grin: , they’re loaded-for-:bear: technically should the thread require it, but they’re personable and flexible, too.

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything feature was useful recently thanks to @carverofchoice 's swell transmogrification posted here (probably not the best word but it sets up a comic so good :slight_smile: )



There is no wrong time for a Calvin & Hobbes reference. It’s like XKCD except with actual drawing and emotion. :slight_smile:


Regulars, irregulars and ‘lesser’ peeps round out the crew quite nicely.

:musical_note: You are so beautiful to me :musical_note:


What’s a Reddit? lol.

Reddi-Wip’s ill fated foray into the lucrative instant tea market.