How come more people here don't link parallel Reddit threads?

I know many of you are bi-platform. So how come?

  • I’m lazy.
  • Not much to be gained by doing so.
  • I have distinct identities on the two platforms that I prefer not to reveal.
  • You wouldn’t understand.

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How about one more option: Don’t use the “flood you with advertising website” known as Reddit.


after Reddit was hacked a few years ago, I stopped using them completely because I just don’t trust them anymore. There was an attack on my gmail account with which I had registered. I did have 2FA enabled.

I personally don’t like the Reddit approach and find it more complicated for me to use. Plus, I try not to use Social Media all that much.

Real people still use Reddit? Huh…

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I’ve never seen any reason to join it. I occasionally find useful information there via web searches. The layout for comments always seemed atrocious. “Social media” is generally stupid (if not destructive) and I don’t use any.


:ballot_box_with_check: Don’t use any other form of social media anymore


I must confess, I’ve never belonged, always used it much like @Customer , though not much lately Wyze-wise, and via browser with ad block versus an app. When I first arrived nearly three years ago it was a ‘harder’ crowd technically with this forum more for ‘softies.’ Wyze engineers had extended conversations there they weren’t having here. Over time this gradually changed I think and this forum became mostly all I need. I very much like the Discourse forum platform, find it well designed. I like the idea of up-vote dn-vote in principle versus the Discourse heartcoin indeterminate silence but I expect dn-vote has its downside, too.

I don’t know if wyze reddit has benefit of the maven/mod crew that operates here, but if not, that’s a big plus for here. Aside from being a tad cultish :grin: , they’re loaded-for-:bear: technically should the thread require it, but they’re personable and flexible, too.

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything feature was useful recently thanks to @carverofchoice 's swell transmogrification posted here (probably not the best word but it sets up a comic so good :slight_smile: )



There is no wrong time for a Calvin & Hobbes reference. It’s like XKCD except with actual drawing and emotion. :slight_smile:


Regulars, irregulars and ‘lesser’ peeps round out the crew quite nicely.

:musical_note: You are so beautiful to me :musical_note:


What’s a Reddit? lol.

Reddi-Wip’s ill fated foray into the lucrative instant tea market.


You will see rats and squirrels running along wires, fence tops, what have you, transiting between one locale and another.

Why not Forum and reddit users?

What a revelation (or at least novelty) it would be to see parallel threads posted and interlinked between platforms.

Forum: For all the nihilism, these folks can think!

reddit: For half-dead newbs, they ‘rock.’

Not sure how this affects the Wyze subreddit.

The Wyze subreddit did a poll asking the Wyze subreddit users what they would like to do about it, and the community overwhelmingly voted to participate in the massive 2-day blackout, so it went Private for just over 48hrs along with a lot of others. Then it was restored back to public.

I don’t see Wyze going permanently offline as that would just send Wyze users to alternative Wyze subreddit that isn’t managed by Wyze and has a lot more negativity and would just lead people seeking for help or looking to ask questions have a negative experience.

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