How are overlapping schedules handled?

Anyone know how overlapping schedules work? For example if I have 2 zones in front on schedule A with each zone running for 15 minutes starting at 11pm, and I have 3 zones in back on schedule B starting at 11:15pm what actually happens?

As far as I understand it just means 2 zones will start watering at 11pm and then at 11:15pm 3 zones in back will start watering. If schedule A doesn’t turn off when schedule B starts, it should keep watering all 5 zones. The only potential issue with that depends on things like your water pressure. If you run too many zones at a time, it’s likely they may have lower pressure for all zones, so the sprinklers won’t go as far as they might if they were running by themselves separately. Most people I know only run 1-2 zones at a time for a period of time then switch to another zone when done there. But there is no right or wrong way to schedule it, depends a lot on your individual system and needs, your water pressure, what kind of sprinklers you use, what kind of plants you’re watering, etc. But scheduling overlapping zones is totally fine and totally allowed if you want to do that.