Honeywell Thermostat to WYZE no C at Thrmsts but 3 C wire and control panel with w2

Happy New Year !
Sad to say but I failed in first thing I tried in New year : Installing WYZE thermostate.
I have Honeywell thermostat , it does not have C wire but at control panel there are more than one C wires. Please refer the images.
So I tried two things : in both cases I used W1 despite W2 being used in current system at the penal.

First : Used C adapter and provided additional C wire from adaptor to the panel. This did not work, when I turned on the power, the thermostat kept making clicking sound and graphic didnt appear. Blower motor did not start.
Second : I removed the previously connected C wires to the panel and only the C wire coming out of adapter was left connected to the C terminal. This time after turning on, blower motor started running.
I increase the heat and it started warming, but even after the temp reached the blower motor did not stop. I tried both W1 and W2 at control penal.
Any suggestion as to what connection I should make?
Thank you in advance

You probably hooked up the C adapter wrong
I need a wider view of your wires at the furnace, preferably far enough back to see both the wires in the connector and the bundle arrangement of them when they go into their outer sleeving.

When you attached your C connector, did you take a picture of the furnace board first before removing anything?

Based on your inital images, I’m assuming you have a humidifier or something similar attached to your furnace that runs whenever the heat is on and an appliance like an air cleaner that has an internal sensor to determine when to run. if this is the case, then you should hook up your C adapter as follows, making sure to leave all the wires that are already on your furnace in place except the ones that go directly to the thermostat:

Thank you so much for such a detailed response. I will try it over the weekend.
Here are some more picture as you wanted to see wider view. Brwon thick wire with 4 terminals inside goes to thermostat, white thick wire goes to main power control panel, two thin brown wire with two terminals inside each, one goes to AC unit outside other goes to the bottom of furnace as you can see in the image. Will these images change the suggested solution you provided.
Also I am not able to understand the input wiring for the WYZE C adapter.
Thank you again!

You need to only take the wires off from the thermostat. Leave all other wires on the furnace board.
So, you want the White W wire (leave the Red W wire on the furnace.) You want the Darker Blue Y wire, (leave the light Blue Y wire on the furnace) There’s only one wire attached to G, so take that one. And you want the Darker Red wire from R. (leave the other one on the furnace)

I’ve added arrows to one of your images to point out which wire you should be putting on the C adapter.

Put the C adapter’s wires in the furnace terminals that match the letter on each cable, along with all the other wires that are still there.

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Thank you again for the detail answer. I was able to install and make it to work . Thank you so much.
Just one doubt As you saw my white wire was connected to w2 so I also connected the W wire from adaptor to W2 and not ‘W’. On thermostat when I connected W wire to W2 it didn’t kick on, so connected to W1 . Working for last few hours.
Thank you