Honeywell rh rc w y g connections - Wyze thermostat

Hi all,

Trying to install thermostat, but my connections don’t match the options. Odd considering it’s a basic Honeywell. Have gas furnace and ac. Photo of original connections attached.

When I removed current thermostat there is a capped wire that is probably black, or dark blue/purple. Uncapped unconnected orange brown and white.

Connected was jumper between rh & rc, then black to w, yellow to y, and green to g.

Anyone know which I can select on the wyze setup?

Honeywell setup shows the following as the same thing: (uploaded screenshot of Honeywell installation diagram also)

R, rh, v, 4
Rc, r (odd a second single r)
W, w1, h
Y, y1, m
G, f

Thank you!

Your current connections from left to right are

You will need to use the adapter in your furnace if you do not have another wire in the wall.

There are extra wires, realized I need to pull the panel to see if said wires go into furnace controller, then connect them there if so.

I put old one back on until weekend when I can put more time into figuring it all out.

Thank you!